We have a range of activities for Infants up to Year 6. We also design programmes for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Depending on age….we begin with warm up game involving gymnastics shapes
stretching and working towards splits bridges and flexibility moves.
We move on to line work where we learn acrobatics skills like jumps, forward and backward rolls.


  • Gymnastics helps school children learn co-ordination, balance and agility skills 
  • Encourages children to gain in mental confidence
  • Gymnastics helps to promote fitness whilst having fun
  • Learning how to control the body correctly and exercising in a fun way
  • Aim for the child to satisfy his or her need to move, climb, swing and roll in a safe and supervised environment

Stretch Yoga  

stretch-activities-exercise-in-schoolsWe make the classes fun and varied each week by incorporating the yoga exercises alongside telling stories, using themes and playing games to illustrate our classes.  We also include props such as feathers, bean bags and visual aides. 

We play games and singing songs, to tone up their muscles and strengthen their bones.  

These exercises can promote sleep, and encourage the children  to use their imagination and be more creative.  Most importantly they can help to improve their listening and observation skills through listening and following instructions and copying the yoga poses from the instructor.


  • The yoga exercises help strengthen children’s muscles and bones
  • The relaxation techniques help to promote sleep and teach the children how to remain calm in stressful situations at school e.g exams
  • Helps to improve listening, communication and observational skills
  • It is a non-competitive practice


stretch-activities-ballet-primary-schoolsOur combined classes consist of teaching our pupils stretches, warm ups and mime combined with learning a variety of ballet steps and coordination skills, grace and elegance  alongside the music. We use a variety of different props including scarves and  ribbons.


  • The children learn the disciplines of classical free movement and character
  • They learn to work as part of a team when putting on shows and performances
  • Ballet is good for  developing coordination, listening and observational skills
  • It is very great for strengthening the muscles, bones and  is a fun exercise to learn

stretch-activities-multi-sports-basketballFootball and Sports

Sessions are developed for the children to learn new football and sports skills including games , an assault course and  We combine a variety of football exercises alongside learning new ball control dribbling and football games. 

We provide all equipment including cones, rope ladders, tunnels inflatable goals, bean bags and mini footballs.

Our football and Sports  focus on improving a child’s physical dexterity, particularly in the lower limbs and feet through a variety of ball-balancing games.

The arrival of these newfound skills paves the way for our pupils to learn how best to move through the gears and how to change direction comfortably with the ball at their feet. Our coaches encourage the children to form a team and play matches as soon as they are able.


  • They learn to work as a team with their friends 
  • Children learn about health and keeping fit in a fun way
  • Promotes coordination, balance and confidence
  • Very good for strengthening their bones and muscles
  • Helps to lower the obesity rate in children


The teacher Interacts in Spanish with the children as they are led through different fun workshops which are especially adapted to the language development of this age group. Dynamic teaching includes Songs, rhymes, dances, sensorial activities and puppets.  We cover colours, numbers, greetings and learn about the Spanish culture.


  • Encourages children to learn a new language through movement, games and fun songs.
  • The children  learn about a different culture
  • Helps to improve children’s  listening and communication skills 
  • The teacher follows the curriculum taught in the school if required 


In a happy atmosphere French is taught to the  children through play,,using a wide variety of stimulating language activities and games. The lessons are planned around diversity of themes and projects which are practical, interesting and …great FUN including pictures puppets and other visual materials.


  • Encourages children to enjoy learning a new language through movement, songs and fun games
  • The children  learn about a different culture
  • Helps to improve children’s  listening and communication skills 
  • The teacher follows the curriculum taught in the school if required 


Our drama classes focus on the development of the children’s speech and language skills encouraging them gain in confidence in the classroom and outside school life.  We the stories captivate the children’s imagination and transport them to another world. Each week the children dive in to the interactive story and come up with ideas to solve the mystery through imaginative play and make-believe! Our classes can be tailored towards  Key Stage 1 in Primary schools.


  • The classes boost the children’s self esteem  
  • Improves Speech and communication skills
  • Encourages the children to work as part of a team and use their imagination  through sharing ideas
  • Helps them gain in confidence and self awareness

 Street Dance 

Street dance is a very energetic style, children get a workout without even realising it and learn how to exercise safely and effectively  whilst being kept focused, learning new moves and routines to pop and dance music.  They learn how to think creatively, choreographing elements on their own


  • Learn to interact with each other, as a team as well as work on their own
  • Learn to be part of a structure, to be disciplined
  • Gain confidence in demonstrating moves in front of peers
  • Sessions suitable for boys and girls
  • Helps with control, balance and co-ordination

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